Why you should consider having a hair transplantation to solve terminal baldness

Baldness is one of the most feared conditions for both men and women. For one, it is believed that there is no permanent solution to this menace. Even so, this is a big delusion, since a surgical transplant could actually solve terminal baldness once and for all. Hair transplant comes in two approaches.

The first approach is the Follicular Unit transplant (FUT), which involves transplanting an entire section of the scalp’s skin, from a donor part on your head, to a recipient part which has no hair. The second method, which is the most recommendable one, is known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This method involves extracting single hair follicles as they are, from a donor area and replanting in the bare area.

Hair transplantation has a lot of advantages while compared to other hair restoration methods. To start with, the method is 100% natural. There are no chemicals used to induce hair growth and this means very little side effects. Once the transplant is over and the wound starts healing, you won’t have to apply any special gels or creams.

On another point, hair growth remains uniform throughout the head, especially if you had an FUE. Unlike the case where you apply gels to stimulate hair growth, a surgical hair transplant manually places a growing hair follicle on the bald spot. Gels can be disappointing since at times they only work on some sections and fail in others.

Finally, a hair transplant is not as painful and traumatizing like other restoration methods. Apart from a few injections of anesthesia, all other operations are painless. What’s even more, hair transplantation warrants a natural hair growth with minimal maintenance procedures. This is because, the transplanted sections are still part of your own scalp. Therefore, once the follicles start sprouting again, you can simply treat them like you usually treat your hair normally.